Thursday, 18 January 2018

This Week's Learning


  • I have become President of our Republic of 5D
  • We have learnt about our duties as members of the cabinet 
  • We have declared to the class the members of the cabinet
  • Next, we can create laws to enforce on the citizens
In Reading:

  • We used the "Reading, What's Up With That" template/format to talk about the strategies and skills we use when reading
In Maths:

  • We worked on prime factorization
  • We chose random numbers and factorized them down to primes
  • Rinse and repeat  

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Democracy Reflection

Day 1 Reflection
A democracy means that there is an overall leader, but all of the main decisions are voted on by the people.
In a democracy the citizens have to vote, and be content with what they get.
The government has to create environments when they and the people both get what they want.
A democracy is successful if the leader and the people agree and respect each other.
personal comment
Being a part of a democracy made me feel happy that we got to decide what we could do.
I would change the fact that the leader has overall veto power.
I would keep pretty much everything else.
A colour I would choose to represent democracy would be a tranquil blue.
A symbol I would choose to represent democracy would be the White House.
An image I would choose to represent democracy would be a polling booth.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Dictatorship Reflection

Day 3 Reflection
A dictatorship means the military is in charge and the citizens must obey it under pain of death or punishment
In a dictatorship the citizens have to obey the military.
The government is usually made up of members of the military.
A dictatorship is successful if/when the dictators are obeyed.
personal comment
Being a part of a dictatorship made me feel annoyed that they we were forced to do stuff, most of the time things we didn't enjoy.
I would change the fact the everything is done by force.
I would keep the fact that there is a group of definitive rulers.
A colour I would choose to represent dictatorship would be red (like the anarchy)
A symbol I would choose to represent dictatorship would be a sword.
An image I would choose to represent dictatorship would be a picture of Hitler (Dictator of Germany).

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Monarchy and Anarchy Reflection

Day 1 Reflection
A monarchy means there is either a king or a queen, and then there oldest born child becomes the new monarch when the monarch is deceased.
If you get married to a queen you keep your current title but if you marry a king then you become the queen of the whatever country the king rules.
In a monarchy the citizens have to follow orders from the monarch.
The government has to follow the king/queen, but can also makes it's own decisions.
A monarchy is successful if the people both follow the things the monarch asks for and agree with the monarch's ideas and views.
personal comment
Being a part of a monarchy made me feel happy, but if the monarch said or forced us to do things that we didn't want to then I would be annoyed.
I would change the fact that there is only 1 person who can make the decisions and make it so we had a democratic vote.
I would keep the fact that there is one overall leader.
A colour I would choose to represent monarchy would be purple.
A symbol I would choose to represent monarchy would be a jewel-encrusted crown
An image I would choose to represent monarchy would be an image of any famous monarch (Most likely Queen Elizabeth the II)

Day 2 Reflection  “Anarchy sounds good to me. Then someone asks, 'Who'd fix the sewers?'”
An anarchy means there is no ruler, decision maker or council to rule over the people.
In an anarchy the citizens have to do absolutely nothing if they want to.
The government has to most likely, not exist.
An anarchy is successful if/when there is no one in charge.
personal comment
Being a part of anarchy made me feel happy because we could do anything we liked, but it felt a bit odd not having anyone tell us what to do.
I would change the fact that there is no definitive ruler to make decisions.
I would keep the freedom of choice.
A colour I would choose to represent anarchy would be red.
A symbol I would choose to represent anarchy would be someone waving there arms in the air like they have gone crazy.
An image I would choose to represent anarchy would be a government arguing about everything.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Bài Văn Miêu Tả Cảnh Đẹp

Trong lớp Tiếng Việt em đang học về viết về miêu tả cảnh đẹp, và đây là một bài văn em đã viết về một cảnh đẹp. 
Miêu Tả Cảnh Đẹp

Ở trên thể giới có rất nhiều nơi đẹp, nhưng nơi em nghĩ đẹp nhất là khu rừng gần Động Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng.
Một lí do em thích khu rừng này là vì nó có rất nhiều loại cây cối; trên núi, trên đất và khoang thắc nước. Dưới thắc nước có một cái hồ nhỏ, có cây phản chiếu trên mặt hồ nhìn nước hồ như đã thành màu xanh lá cây.
Ở đây cũng có rất nhiều cỏ, như một cái chăn xanh khổng lồ trải ra trên mặt đất, đồi và núi. Từ đây, em có cảm giác như chú núi xa hơn có nhiều sương và mây, chúng nhấp nhô như đang chơi chốn tìm.
Ở trên trăn cỏ có một đường đi. Xa xa ở trên đường có vài người đang đi bộ, nhìn nư là một đàn kiến. Ở gần đường có một ngôi nhà hiện ra khi lên trên núi thì vẫn an toàn.

Năm nào em cũng được đi Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng và khu rừng la nơi em thích nhất. Em lúc nào cũng ước mong được đi lại đến khu rừng gần Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng.
Em đã chọn bài này vì trong lớp em đang học về tả cảnh đẹp, và đây là bài em đã viết đàu tiên. Để viết một bài văn, em cần viết ba phần; mở bài, thân bài và kết bài.
  1. Trong mở bài, em phải viết giới thiệu sơ qua về nơi muốn tả
  2. Trong thân bài, em phải viết về̀ chi tiết của cảnh 
  3. Và trong kết bài, em phải viết về tỉnh cảm của mình về cảnh
Em chưa được đến nơi này, và vì vậy em cũng phải tuởng tuợng thêm nhiều về nó. Em nghĩ đây là một nơi rất đẹp.  

Friday, 8 December 2017

Maker Day

 Maker Day

This year on Maker Day, the grade 5s, instead of going to round to various chosen centres like in previous years, had to stay in their classrooms and work on model of an energy source to demonstrate and promote to a panel of judges. This is called the Shark Tank. Each person chose a continent, found a group who also chose that continent and then got given a energy source to promote for that continent/region/country. We then got to research and build (see above) a model. My team is the South America Wind Team, and we have actually managed to make a functional wind turbine. We will the promote and present on the last day of school, Friday the 15th.  

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Migration Reflection

    Recently, at the end of our migration unit, we had to research and pretend to be a migrant that we had chosen. The central idea of the unit was "Human migration affects communities, cultures and individuals". As well, we were told to connect the key concepts, causation, change and perspective, to our videos and others. The migrant I chose was Sigmund Freud, the psychiatrist and psychologist.
    The cause of his moving, (to the UK), was the fact that he and his family were Jewish. At the time of the move the Nazis were in power in Austria, (where he was from and previously living), and the Nazis were against the Jews.
    The change was just moving to the UK at all. As well, the emotional change isn't easy to find on the web, but I guessed that the British were at least little skeptical of them, as the British were against the Nazis in the war, and to skepticism I assume they acted as most would.
    The perspective is also mentioned above, how the English were most likely skeptical, and how they were most likely scared of the English.
   In the unit I learnt a lot about my migrant, Sigmund Freud, but also a lot about migration, things like the different types of migration, and the many reasons people might have to migrant. I also learnt a lot about other people's migrants by listening to other people's stories, like Barry Gibb, and Henry "Box" Brown.
    All in all, I really enjoyed the unit, and learnt a lot about all things to do with migration.

(Look above for my migration video).